The story so far

Stroud High Street ©Deborah Roberts

The People’s Republic is an ethical and philosophical clothing brand that was born in not so sleepy Gloucestershire town of Stroud. The epicentre of revolutions past and present and a town whose arms stretch further than the geography.

Design Dictator and founder of The People’s Republic is Clay Sinclair.  Clay is an internationally recognised artist who over the last few years has been exploring the possibilities of fashion (if you can call t-shirts fashion??) and the positive impact it can have on individuals, communities and environments.

In 2016, the day after the Brexit referendum, he tongue-in-cheekily declared The People’s Republic of Stroud as a call to community unity after witnessing some horrible post-Brexit abuse towards a refugee charity shop next to his gallery. The People’s Republic of Stroud, along with associated t-shirts, has become a unifying brand that is now firmly established in terms of its ethos and visual identity. Using organic cotton, fair trade and transparent production suppliers, along with local screen-printers he has created a brand that not only brings the community together, but has become a model for sustainable and ethical fashion.

The question then was for Clay, how can this successful, inclusive and ethical fashion brand move beyond the five valleys of Stroud?

The People’s Republic was born